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A month ago I made another trip to my second home, dear Chicago. Despite being from a small town, then moving to a less small town, I fit Chicago well. Or maybe, Chicago fits me well. I’m not sure which anymore. Every time I go, I have an overly long, scroll-like list (complete with a small scribe that dictates the items on said list whenever I desire…obviously) that I compile every time I go. I then place this burden of a list onto the poor friends that choose to put up with me as I trapse around the city, going to hole in the walls and asking for random things, eating an unstoppable amount of food and drinking too much. This trip: it was Bangers and Lace, Hot Doug’s, the Shed, a rooftop bar and Greek-town, the Matchbox (which served the single best margarita I have ever had) and Aviary. All were had except Aviary-I guess I’ll email them two months in advance next time!

So. Labor Day weekend. The last weekend some of the rooftop bars were open. I was denied a most excellent roof top bar scenario the previous time I was in town because of a wind-advisory. “Ahhhh horse shit!” I’m pretty sure I drunkenly screamed at one point in the night. My lovely friend Anita, whose beauty surpasses my over-indulgence any day, kindly put up with me and cooed “Next time, next time”. I think…Image


Next time came to pass and so with it better weather, despite us miraculously sidestepping every rain drop in the city for two hours. After a quick visit to Shedd to check the Jellies, I guess, amongst other stuff (People. Blue water. Sea Dragons.), we headed to Greek town to fulfill my inexplicable seafood craving (Smoked Salmon. Oktopadi.) and from what I was told by my knowledgable companion, a roof top bar. Boom! Two for one! Yes! And what else would happen, another friend meets up. Huzzah!

ImageThe Pegasus did not disappoint.

ImageFriends! Totally not drunk! Thumbs=exuberance!

Somewhere I also developed a desire to try Ouzo. Not having it before, I figured, why the hell not? And if I was gonna try it anywhere, why not in Greektown? EXACTLY. First I had to find out what it was. This did the job, I guess. Then I did what I have learned to do: TRUST BARTENDERS. This lovely gentlemen fixed me up with an awesomely balanced, citrus filled ouzo cocktail. It was absolutely perfect for the moment in space in time. The more I drank the more it tasted like something I had had before. I had to drunkenly recall other drunken times. Then the universe did a double take, and I figured it out. Maiden’s Prayer! Of course! It had to be it!

More drinks were consumed. More smiles had. New friendships forged. Good job Pegasus. And good job Anita for sharing. But once I was home, I had to try cloning it. And wouldn’t you know it, the first attempt was pretty damn good! All I did was substitute Ouzo for Gin in a Maiden’s Prayer. So go buy these things and make this cocktail. The anise-like Ouzo works surprisingly well with all the citrus and makes for a really nice, full cocktail. Here’s what mine looked like: ImageMy orange can swim…

Find these:

  • 1 oz Ouzo
  • 1 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau if you have fancy pants
  • 1/2 oz fresh orange juice
  • 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
  • chilled martini glass
  • slice of orange

Do this:

  1. Combine all liquids into a shaker with ice. Chill your martini glass.
  2. Shake it out, you gotta shake it out.
  3. Empty into chilled glass and throw a slice of orange in it.
  4. Consume.
  5. Forget/put off troubles for a while.

Here’s a song to shake it out to.